Who am I?
My name is Dziga Kaiser, born and raised in the heart of Berlin.
Covering a broad spectrum of visual media, be it photography, traditional and digital painting, and exploring different styles - realistic, stylized or abstract - I always try to choose the right medium for my images, expressing myself and my feelings - striving for perfection and sometimes chaos - to offer an adventure into the new and old, the clear and the diffuse, the known and unknown - to escape from the real world or to embrace it.
Creating a multitude of art I am inviting my audience to question the now, experience emotions or to simply take a deep breath and find/root/ground themselves.

Starting with photography at a young age, over the past 15 years my path led me to learn, balance and explore the key components of art – story, composition, color, light, mood and emotion.
While my commercial career lies in digital art, delivering professional concept designs and matte paintings for large feature film and television productions, I additionally showcase and offer artwork here that reflects me and my being much more personally. *reflects me, things that surround me or I want to be surrounded by, the things I love or am scared of