Who am I?
My name is Dziga Kaiser, I am an Emmy Award winning artist journeying through the Visual Effects industry for over 10 years.

During that time I have been delivering high end concept designs and matte paintings for large feature films, television productions and print. 
In addition to that, I showcase and offer artwork on my website that reflects me much more personally.

In my work you can see a clear focus on environments as I find nature to be very expressive and emotional. I feel deeply connected to it. 
I love to embrace this feeling and explore not only our planet but also worlds beyond!

Since art is changing and moving nonstop and the possibilities to embody it are sheer limitless, I don't shy away from using mixed media, be it painting, visual effects or photography. 

If any of this speaks to you and your interest is piqued, feel free to browse my portfolio sections and get in touch via one of the many available channels of social media and email! 


Thank you for your time!